About PHYTO5

PHYTO5's factory, Laboratoire Gibro, S. A., is located in Fleurier, in the Swiss mountains near Neuchâtel, where the names Parmigiani, Bovet, Vaucher and Chopard are often heard — in stories of the town’s past but also when relating to the region's Swiss manufacturing of today.


In such a pristine and natural environment and following extremely high quality standards and procedures befitting the region and which honor the sanctity of the planet, the Gibro factory has earned coveted Ecocert and Cosmebio ecological and organic certifications (according to ECOCERT Standard). Our certified organic Ageless La Cure line has also earned Ecocert and Cosmebio certifications.

PHYTO5's team of scientists is dedicated to constantly crafting new and improved skincare products that treat the skin while balancing the body's innate vital energy.

PHYTO5 products are differentiated among all other because they incorporate:

Our research and development laboratory also creates private label products  for spas and wellness clinics.