Help your clients Prevent and reverse Visible Signs of Aging with Ageless La Cure’s Five Major esthetic Actions For all skin Conditions and Ageless Beauty. These products can be used either in conjunction with PHYTO5 seasonal–elemental–energetic lines, with the Swiss Line or on their own. 

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The Five Secrets Serum and Cream Duo for a 3-Week Cure

The Five Secrets Serum and Cream Duo for a 3-Week Cure

A restorative facial Serum and Cream two-product kit that mineralizes the skin and diminishes wrinkles from the inside out in just three weeks. Both serum and cream work to hydrate, mineralize, restructure, provide antioxidants, and tone and lift the skin. Commiphora mukul extract in the serum helps fill in lines and wrinkles. Nutrient rich Amazonian cupuaçu butter in the cream is an exceptionally hydrating butter from the rainforest with a high water absorption capacity of 440%.


Cleaning Foam

Mousse Nettoyante [Cleansing Foam]

An award-winning gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types and skin conditions including sensitive skin and acne. Natural, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic, Cleansing Foam provides hydration and restores the natural protective pH of the skin. With nourishing apricot kernel oil for anti-wrinkle action and verbena essential oil and extract for soothing, cooling and firming.


Skin Toner

Lotion Tonique [Skin Toner]

A proprietary blend of organic witch hazel and organic rose flower waters to tone, soothe, and regenerate the skin. It’s extra gentle and effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin. With witch hazel and damask rose flower waters for refreshing astringency and toning.


Clay Mask

Masque d’Argile [Clay Mask]

Essential oil of damask rose is blended into kaolin clay silica and other natural cosmetic actives for improved hydration and the gentle removal of dead skin cells and toxins. The naturally pink colored mask in a base of kaolin clay improves circulation, encourages natural regeneration, and works to restore balance and reduce common visible signs of aging. With soothing, protecting and hydrating damask rose, verbena and sweet almond essential oils, extracts of verbena and calendula and aloe vera to work on collagen fibers and promote skin’s elasticity.




A restorative facial peel that exfoliates, tones, and tightens the skin. With tropical fruit extracts of mango and banana, a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), Phyto Peel also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with twice weekly use.


Perfection Cream for Hyperpigmentation

Crème Perfection [Perfection Cream]

A pigment balancing cream that reduces and eliminates brown spots associated with aging or sun damaged skin. It works to inhibit melanin production that causes new spots to form. With essential oil of alpine edelweiss and Japanese seaweed both known for their skin lightening properties.


Extreme Hydrating Cream

crème Extrême [Extreme Cream — Hydrating]

Award winning and rated by the Swiss Skin Test Institute an “Excellent Moisturizer,” their highest score. This rich cream is formulated with organic oils, essential oil of arctic lingonberry seed and compounds designed to provide extreme hydration and protection when skin needs it most. It’s clinically proven to deliver a 50% increase moisture improvement in a few hours and up to 60% in two weeks.


Nourishing Cream

Crème Nourrissante [Nourishing Cream]

An incredibly nourishing and hydrating cream with organic jojoba and shea butter. It’s especially effective for sensitive, cracked or dry skin. The cream’s pure ingredients and essential oils easily absorb into your skin to provide non-greasy protection and rich, glowing skin. Also with a essential oils of ylang ylang, lavender, cypress, thyme, lemon and wild guaiac wood.


Firming Eye Serum

Sérum Contour des Yeux [Eye Serum — Firming]

A preventative and restorative serum balanced to strengthen, tighten, and tone around the eye where signs of age are most visible. Eye Serum is formulated with ancient beech tree bud extract and Easyliance, a high-tech fair trade natural compound proven to provide instant tightening. Also with anti-wrinkle apricot kernel oil, essential oil of damask rose and witch hazel and damask rose flower waters.