Aging, Anti-Aging and Agelessness: Understanding Unseen Factors Causing Premature Aging

Essential Oils in Anti-Aging

High grade essential oils generally contain strong antioxidants and because antioxidants are so effective at preventing or slowing oxidation, they are excellent agents in combatting aging.

Medical studies have also demonstrated that some essential oils have the ability to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. They help improve oxygenation, deliver nutrients to cells (red blood functions), and stimulate the elimination process within tissues (venous and lymphatic circulation functions). Essential oils can play an important role in any detoxification program so critical to anti-aging regimens.

Essential Oils Plus Drainage for More Youthful Looking Skin

In 2015, the well-known Japanese cosmetics company, Shiseido, in joint research with the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, found impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels leading to accumulation of subcutaneous fat to be an integral cause of sagging skin. 

Capillary and lymphatic vessels are vital to collecting water and waste products which in turn assists to maintain healthy skin.

In addition to the more commonly held belief that the skin aging phenomena of sagging is a result of loss of collagen and elasticity, Shiseido studies have also found that impaired lymphatic system and blood vessel function are a root cause of skin aging. Shiseido says, “… reduced lymphatic function causes prolonged inflammation, which results in wrinkles.”

We know that certain high grade essential oils in specific proportions and formulations can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of congested, aging skin. 

We also know that drainage of the fluids, most especially the lymph, is significantly effective in freeing up congested skin and restoring it to a more radiant, toned, youthful appearance. 

Spafinder.com says, “Yes, it has a seriously unglamorous name, but lymphatic drainage massage has a long list of benefits. Apart from being blissfully relaxing, manual lymph drainage (usually referred to as MLD) decreases facial puffiness, boosts the immune system, smoothes cellulite and soothes sore muscles.

PHYTO5's award-winning technology, the Biorhythmic Drainer (biorhythmic drainer machine), mechanically, rhythmically, and precisely reproduces the gentle movement of a lymphatic massage which is focused on moving energy and fluids that are otherwise stagnant.

Drainage with the Biorhythmic Drainer helps reverse the signs of aging by supporting the body's vital energy and balance.

The Biorhythmic Drainer enhances all beauty treatments of the face and body and because of this, the Biorhythmic Drainer should be incorporated into all face and body treatments, particularly anti-aging and contouring treatments. 

How Lifestyle Affects Aging

Among the critical factors influencing the aging process is genetics. Genetics obviously escapes our control, yet twins with an identical genetic imprint can age differently. This points to the presence of other factors: lifestyle and conditions.

Conditions involve elements over which we have no control such as climate, but others related to the manner in which we choose to live our lives. We are unable to make more empowering choices, however, as long as we have not become aware of our current lifestyle’s positive or negative effects.

All of the following affect our lifestyle and ultimately how resiliently we age:

  • the climate in which we live (dry or humid, hot or cold, temperate or extreme climate)
  • socioeconomic conditions (the time and resources we have to take care of ourselves)
  • our relationships (family and friends)
  • our psychological frame of mind (tendency to worry or engage in fear and anger, or to laugh and be merry)
  • our diet
  • our exercise practices
  • our socializing habits
  • various personal disciplines including how we handle stress (at work and in our private lives).

Some factors have little to do with the amount of free time or disposable income we have.

  • Do you drive when you could walk instead?
  • Do you take the escalator rather than the stairs?
  • Do you take every opportunity you have to stretch, exercise and breathe deeply?
  • Do you take a few minutes, even a few seconds, throughout the day to meditate and to manage your negative emotions when they arise?
  • Do you find reasons to smile and to laugh?
  • Can you stay clear of smoking, alcohol (beyond an occasional beer or glass of wine), and recreational drugs?

Since our body must be slightly alkaline to be healthy, overly acidic foods and drinks contribute to ill health and premature aging. Tap water is usually at the right pH by law, but it often contains other undesirable chemicals.

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