The Biorhythmic Drainer

PHYTO5 ... technologies are one-of-a-kind. I have not found drainage massage therapy to be nearly as effective as the drainage PHYTO5's Biorhythmic Drainer can offer. The training PHYTO5 provides is superb. There's nothing better especially if you're all about organic, holistic, natural and true integrity skincare. Hands down. There's nothing better! –Carlyn Weiler, Weiler Academy, Smart Health for Body, Mind and Soul, Green Bay, Wisconsin


The Biorhythmic Drainer mechanically reproduces the gentle movements of a manual massage.

The Biorhythmic Drainer enhances all face and body beauty treatments. It provides an exceptional complement to all face and body treatments, and in particular, for treatments that target contouring and anti-aging.

The five-speed Biorhythmic Drainer creates five different energetic drainages with pre-calibrated suction rhythms. It can be used on its own or coupled with the Chromapuncteur to add the attributes of the energy of light. 

All therapies provided using PHYTO5 equipment are painless and wonderfully pleasant. The skin does not come into contact with any electrical current or invasive frequency. PHYTO5 proprietary technology is the embodiment of holistic.

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