Beyond the Basic Facial: How PHYTO5 Offers Professionals a Repertoire of Superior Products, Method and Technologies

A woman receiving a PHYTO5 facial with quantum energetic skincare products and a lymphatic drainage enhanced with colored light therapy

Quite traditionally, the application of facials by skincare professionals have followed a basic routine: face cleansing with extraction followed by a moisturizing action. These three actions have made up the core of the traditional facial. Fortunately, over the last two decades we've been more and more getting out of that rut. In North America in particular extraction is often the client's primary purpose for receiving a facial, yet as clients learn to better care for their skin while using better products there really should be a minimum of instances where extraction is a necessary step.   

Regular professionally performed facials should be an essential way of taking care of one's face. The professional facial embodies a number of objectives from hygiene to appearance to a sense of wellness. The relaxation and pampering aspects of the facial contribute to wellness and the massage of face, neck, and hands and feet, will enhance that feeling of wellness. The skincare industry is increasingly recognizing that facials must include this health-oriented consideration both at a preventive level and at the added treatment level. 

The tools, method and products are available now and will become more and more part of the clients' expectations as the market learns more about them. Of course, such treatments will be done in a way that makes no health claims, however clients will still recognize these treatments for what they are.

It is now better and more widely understood that the skin is a living organ that is under attack both from the inside and the outside. It needs nourishment and protection. Nourishment comes mostly from the inside but some nutrients can be provided from the outside.

The skin needs protection from pollution and atmospheric conditions and there are many products designed to do that. Essential oils, trace minerals, certain mods and clays, algae and other marine products are some of the ways to nourish the skin from the outside.

Massage can have an effect on muscles and fluids such as blood and lymph. This has important implications for both health and beauty if a skincare professional has the know how.

There are other ways such as the use of certain lights that are being used more and more in the health and beauty field. Such technologies are mostly going to be used by professionals who understand that the body is both matter and energy. With the right tools they can extend their influence and results in spectacular ways while staying completely risk-free and noninvasive.

The PHYTO5 method, based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine has combined products, method and technologies in a unique system. We offer a basic facial that has three phases: 1) preparation (cleansing, toning); 2) treatment; and 3) finishing.

The treatment phase starts with a very nourishing mask of a mixture of essential oils and algae. It moves on to an application of colored essential oils from a choice of five possible mixtures, each one for the skin condition classified in one of the five elements of Chinese medicine.

A naturally colored essential oil rich clay mask follows. It is using one of five possible clays selected to emphasize the desired action based on the identified skin condition. A solution of essential trace minerals completes the treatment phase.

The finishing phase starts with the application of a cream to restore the naturally protective and slightly acid pH of the skin. The skin is now ready to receive a moisturizer and a protection cream based on the seasons and the skin condition of the client. This makes for a highly personalized and effective treatment.

PHYTO5 goes a couple steps further by including a lymphatic drainage of face and neck, using a proprietary piece of equipment called the Biodraineur (biorthythmic drainer). By adding the energetic power of colored light (monochromatic light) from the Chromapuncteur machine, the stimulation of lymph can be enhanced significantly. By selecting other colors other fluids can be targeted. Fluids include red and blue blood, water, lymph and vital energy. It should be noted that vital energy is considered a fluid in energetic medicine.

For example, a pale face lacking red blood circulation and oxygenation will receive an energetic drainage with green light to stimulate the energy of circulation which is critical for excellent complexion and anti-aging goals. The light can be applied to certain acupuncture points to assist in a variety of treatments including a noninvasive facelift (the Chromalift created by PHYTO5) to be offered as a series of five treatments.

This can be further enhanced by working with the Biostimulateur, a machine that offers pre-calibrated mechanical vibrations to work on acupuncture points and reflex zones of the face. It's no wonder that these technologies and techniques earned PHYTO5 received a prize for innovation in April 1997 at the Paris Beauty Trade Show. Most professionals in France then and now consider that a facial without lymph stimulation is not a complete facial. Truly, a complete facial really goes far beyond merely "cleanse, extract and moisturize."

You may have noticed that more and more clients are asking you to perform these types of techniques during their facials. These techniques are not difficult to learn with the right training and equipment and is most affordable and even income producing particularly since a large part of the market you serve will readily pay more for state-of-the-art treatments that are so personalized and so suited to their individual needs.