Let’s Face It. It’s Hard to Make a (Profitable) Buck In the Beauty and Wellness Business

Let’s Face It. It’s Hard to Make a (Profitable) Buck In the Beauty and Wellness Business

The beauty and wellness business is very competitive and except for the few places with a privileged location, it is hard to attract clients. Too often many in the beauty, spa, and wellness industry easily forget that they also engaged in a business activity and that in business you really have to spend money to make money. The trick, of course, is to be wise about where the money is spent. In that regard, we’d like to give you our perspective.

As for all businesses, keep in mind location, location, location! Then define the space you will be working with in relation to the services you will offer. So quickly the issue of what you will offer becomes a critical factor. It has to be adapted to what you (and your staff) will be able (and allowed) to perform and what your market will both want and accept (yes, make room to introduce your clients to certain services they have no knowledge of at this time).

One important aspect of your initial and ongoing expense is the decision on products and equipment to buy. The larger the place the more products might be offered since it might be hard to satisfy all clients of a large clientele with only one line. But having too many lines has not only the financial challenge of inventory management but of training the staff and to have them learn how to get the best out of each line.

There is also the idea of concept and coherence. What does your practice stand for from the point of view of treatment concept and how are the different lines supporting that idea?

Some lines ask for a very large product opening order. PHYTO5 offers a variety of modest opening orders geared to the treatments you will offer and focused first on back bar. Of course, retail sales are essential to profitability given the favorable mark-up you can achieve, but it also means an investment in take-home products to sell to your visiting clients. PHYTO5 makes this easy by offering a program where we drop ship on your behalf while giving you a significant commission.

To differentiate yourself from the competition is important. In too many markets, the menus of services are very similar from one business to another, using one of a handful of very well-known product lines with common and predictable experiences. It might satisfy many clients, but it leaves you with still other clients who are looking for a different experience that will definitively stand out and produce results. In this regard, PHYTO5 answers the call very well. PHYTO5 skincare and equipment is not very well-known, yet it has been around Europe for over 40 years and in the U. S. for over 20 years. It is of high quality given that it is Swiss-made and fulfills all the stringent European cosmetics requirements of safety. Even more, our Swiss factory is certified by ECOCERT.

Very importantly, the premise of the PHYTO5 line is unique and very coherent with current wellness trends. Imagine a line that, as a mission, intends to balance the vital energy of each client as a by-product of the face, scalp, and body treatments. Why is it important? Because the body is not simply vital matter but vital energy as well. In fact, it is vital energy that makes matter vital. If so, treatments must work not only at the level of the skin but also of the vital energy flow. And that attribute must be extended in home regimens with take-home products.

And how are vital energy and vital matter balance achieved?

It is elegantly achieved by PHYTO5’s pioneering work with natural essential oils selected not only for their aromatic and therapeutic properties but also and mostly for their energetic properties. They are then blended together according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to balance the aspects of vital energy defined by the Five Element theory of TCM and mixed in different bases according to the function of each product.

In addition, PHYTO5 has pioneered a production methodology that elevates the vibrational potency of each product, lifting them to the quantum level. At this level, we experience benefits not only at the level of the skin but at the emotional level as well. The products allow the practitioner to personalize treatments to the highest level and provide an experience as unique as it is pleasurable and results-producing.

You can create differentiation and results working only with PHYTO5 energetic skincare products, however with the acquisition of one or more of PHYTO5’s three proprietary pieces of equipment, differentiation and results are magnified. The machines offer different ways to enhance the energy balancing proposition of PHYTO5. All are entirely non-invasive, natural and energetic. They also represent a proven way to increase not just sales but bottom line as well.

If you are interested in our products and/or equipment, please contact us so that we can show you how we can help you make more profitable sales with an affordable investment.