Imitation Is the Highest Form of Flattery: How Today’s Facial Mapping Skincare Is Catching Up to PHYTO5’s Five Clay Mask Facial Reflexology Treatment We Developed in the Late 70s


Because of the tight network of energy channels within the body, there is a direct connection between your skin, your organs, and hormonal glands. Specific areas of the skin over the entire body are where specific organs or hormonal glands reflect their physical condition. They are the reflex zones for the organs, glands and their corresponding functions. Because the energy of each organs has a reflex zone on the face, it makes facial reflexology possible.

Many people are aware of or have experienced reflexology in the form of a foot treatment. A reflexology-trained therapist can massage the bottom of your foot with great results of both relaxation and energy balancing, but few people know that the same can be achieved by working on other parts of the body that are reflex zones as well. The face is particularly amenable to reflexology since it regroups all major energies. A trained esthetician is now able to analyze your skin and its condition(s) in a refreshingly new and entirely holistic way. Facial reflexology is an energetic diagnostic that becomes a balancing energetic treatment to the extent you have the energetic tools to balance the various zones. Without the energetic tools, you are only left with the diagnostic part that some call “face mapping.”

Skin Inc.’s May 2 newsletter advertises a webinar on ‘face mapping.' It is conducted by Ben Johnson, M.D. and CEO/Founder of Osmosis Skincare and reads:

The science of face mapping has made great strides. You can identify virtually every lesion on the face this way. Using this new information, you will be able to diagnose and design targeted treatments that address the source of most skin conditions. Most skin conditions come from internal imbalances. Mastering the face map strategies will make you a leader in your field, as well as provide real answers and amazing results to your clients. 
  • Learn how to diagnose internal location of skin problems in an instant;
  • Understand the internal causes of the most common skin conditions; and
  • Become an expert in treating the skin internally and holistically.

It’s very nice to see an M.D. catching on to an old reality (No. It’s not “new” as Johnson states). ‘Face mapping' goes back to the ancient TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and Ayurvedic notions that:

  1. The body is not simply vital matter but vital energy as well. In fact, it is the vital energy that makes matter vital.
  2. The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it is also a reflexive organ. It reflects what is going on within the body. Think of the skin as a board where the body posts warning signals.
  3. The face and the body have designated areas where each of the ten organs of the body (according to TCM) reflect as well as a hormonal zone. 
  4. Knowledge of reflex zones provide an easy way to understand what is going within the body. It is a series of tell-tale signs useful to medical as well as spa professionals, both estheticians and licensed massage therapists.

Of course, this knowledge is of limited value if one does not have the energetic tools to balance vital energy according to each reflex zone.

That is where the five energetic lines of PHYTO5 (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) are practical and simple to use.

The PHYTO5 Balancing Five Clay Mask (facial reflexology) is a signature treatment in existence and used by spas around the world since the late seventies!

In addition to the Balancing Five Clay Mask treatment, PHYTO5 offers other amazing multi-masking facials:

  • based on the biorhythm of the client’s year of birth
  • balancing the three functions: regeneration/assimilation/elimination.

At PHYTO5, we serve both inquiring and skincare professionals already offering our products and treatments in their practices with:

  • literature and/or videos pertinent to your questions
  • on-site demos (at our PHYTO Institute in Central Florida or possibly at your site if logistics permit)
  • telephone chats
  • Skype or FaceTime chats

Opening orders come with all the complementary training a professional needs. We have a designated director of education whose sole purpose it is to ensure our skincare professionals feel supported, well informed and well trained. Training usually involves no more than one or two days.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-715-8008 to find out more about PHYTO5, our Balancing Five Clay Mask treatment and our lines of Swiss-made natural products: