PHYTO5 Offers the Solutions to the Unanswered Beauty Industry Question of How to Personalize Acne Solutions

PHYTO5 Offers the Solutions to the Unanswered Beauty Industry Question of How to Personalize Acne Solutions

In the May 5, 2019 Skin Inc. newsletter and on their site we read the following: 

“Personalization is one of the hottest trends in all aspects of the cosmetics and skin care industry. How do we incorporate this trend into services and product treatments for our customers and patients today as they demand more and more effectiveness from our industry?

One of the specific categories where personalization can be made more effective to improve customer outcomes is in the field of acne treatments… It is critical when treating acne to take a highly personalized perspective.”

Of course, it is right that acne has many different variations that make the one cure-for-all far less effective than a personalized treatment based on the type of acne the client has. And for several decades PHYTO5 has not only preached that approach, it has provided a method and tools.

Let’s revisit a few:

1. Because the body is not only vital matter but vital energy as well, and because the skin is an organ with reflexive properties, it follows, as accepted in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, that where a skin manifestation appears is just as important as what is appearing. 

2. The 5–Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) teaches us the following:

a) Vital energy has five elements (also known as aspects or phases) that need to work together in balance for the harmony of the whole. 

b) Each aspect of vital energy regulates both specific physiological functions and a pair of organs. Each pair is comprised of a yin organ and a yang organ.

c) The quality of the energy of these functions and organs is made apparent on the reflex zones on the skin, throughout the face and body. Since each of the five elements has a yin and a yang aspect, there are ten reflex zones that conveniently appear on the face representing the five pairs of yin/yang organs.

d) Any energetic blockage has consequences or manifestations that appear as imperfections on the skin or as certain body shapes. TCM outlines five groups of skin conditions. Each group is defined as an imbalance or blockage of one of the five elements or aspects of vital energy. 

One of the manifestations of the aspect of vital energy called Earth is acne. If one wants to address the root cause of an Earth manifestation, there must be a rebalance of the Earth element. To that end PHYTO5 created three topical products that constitute the “Treatment” phase of each PHYTO5 facial:

a) The Phyt’Ether serum of each of the five elements with a specific blend of natural essential oils that follows the formulation principles of TCM.

b) The naturally colored Clay Mask of each of the five elements infused with the same essential oils present in the serum of the same element.

c) The Oligo 5 spray that disperses five essential minerals essential to a healthy skin.

Going beyond the standard acne treatment and using the above three products over the face which constitutethe treatment phase of all PHYTO5 facials, it is more effective to personalize the treatment based on where the acne appears in consideration to the reflex zones of the face. The treatment is personalized as follows: 

a) By balancing the manifestation with the Clay Mask of the element of the manifestation

b) By balancing the reflex zone with the Phyt’Ether serum of the element corresponding to the reflex zone

In the case of acne:

Acne as an Earth manifestation is treated with Earth (yellow) Clay Mask, but before the clay, the Phyt’Ether serum must be applied and selected as follows:

The serum used depends on where the manifestation appears. For example:

1) If it appears on the forehead, a Fire reflex zone, the Fire serum is used.

2) If it appears in between the eyebrows, a Wood reflex zone, the Wood serum is used.

3) If it appears on the cheekbones, an Earth reflex zone, the Earth serum is use

4) If it appears on the cheeks, a Metal reflex zone, the Metal serum is used

5) If it appears on the chin, a Water reflex zone, the Water serum is used.

The same principle applies for any other manifestation belonging to anyone of the five elements. For example, oily skin is a Wood manifestation to be treated with the Wood (green) Clay Mask; dry skin is a Metal manifestation to be treated with the Metal (white) Clay Mask, etc. In addition, the serum to be selected is made according to the reflex zone where the manifestation appears. 

The facial treatment phase is concluded with the application of the Oligo 5 spray over the entire face for any and all manifestations.

You can see how each client can receive a treatment with application of serum according to which reflex zone is affected and of a clay mask of multiple color combinations according to what manifestation appears where. 

More than one manifestation can be treated at the same time with this method. In this regard the PHYTO5 Five Clay Mask facial achieves a comprehensive facial reflexology treatment that is as effective as it is totally unique in our industry. 

PHYTO5 energetic products are very effective on their own, but the treatments can be enhanced with the use of PHYTO5 proprietary equipment, in particular, the light therapy machine (Chromapuncteur).

The PHYTO5 method can go yet further in both sophistication and personalization for greater results:

• Since the reflex zones of each of the five elements have a yin and a yang version, the use of the Biostimulator allows us to balance each according to its yin or yang version. That unique tool is the secret of many of the most advanced PHYTO5 practitioners.

Referring back to Skin Inc.’s quote at the start of this article, it is clear that many clients and many estheticians understand the need to personalize treatments but Skin Inc.’s article begs the question of how. PHYTO5 has long offered the answer not only as a method but also with proven products.



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