Skincare Retailers Are Taking Advantage of the Wellness Trend But PHYTO5 Lines Are and Always Have Been Quintessentially Wellness Lines

A woman enjoying Ageless La Cure Algae Mousse brushed onto one half of her face

"The health and wellness industry is worth a whopping $3.7 trillion dollars according to a Global Wellness Institute estimate, and that is a pretty big pie that retailers are wanting a piece of now," says Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. PHYTO5 Swiss quantum energetic skincare does not have to take advantage of the current wellness trend in the beauty industry. We are at the forefront of it.

“Our clients are eager to discover and play in [the wellness] category… [Our consumers are] looking for beauty products that help them achieve their wellness goals," explains Artemis Patrick, chief merchandising officer of Sephora USA, Inc.

Now with major retailers jumping into the health and wellness space, the category is expected to grow exponent­ially, but what level of authenticity will the products be?

Will their mass marketing campaigns and rush to market compromise the quality and uniqueness of ingredients? Will these companies strive to utilize high or premium quality ingredients or will their products prioritize flashing a trendy name with little substance inside the packaging?

How can they create high quality holistic products with the goal of elevating wellness for their customers in mind if they do not live the lifestyle themselves?

And even if they hire agencies, companies and employees to design, formulate and produce these wellness oriented products, what kind of final decision making before going to market will take place?

Will the profits and the bottom line continue to remain most of these companies’ major concern or will it be the holistic product and its performance and benefit to the customer?

And since they are just now coming on board in the wellness personal care industry, can they actually make up ground to create the kind of leading edge products certain companies like PHYTO5 have achieved as a result of close to 40 years experience already conceiving of and manufacturing such products?

Will customers seeking holistic wellness skincare brands recognize authenticity and reward smaller leading edge brands with their purchases or will they opt for convenience the major corporations can provide even if there is a trade-off in results?

Can these major corporations seeking to corner the market share of the wellness skincare industry create products which offer the ability to balance vital energy and emotions which are both preconditions to wellness and beauty?

Will they offer a well conceived approach to and method for home skincare regimens that target all skin conditions in a well rounded holistic way?

Will they pay any attention to the vibratory frequency of the products they create or do they even know what that is? Will their products radiate life or will they be largely inert?

PHYTO5 is the quintessential wellness line of skin and hair care and we have been developing, formulating, improving and elevating our products’ quality and performance steadily and constantly since the late 70s.

PHYTO5 uses only premium grade plant-based ingredients (flower essential oils, extracts and waters, plus natural organic compounds, minerals, algae, natural oils and butters and more). The products are formulated in a manner so revolutionary they retain their radiant high vibrational potency. They are quantum energetic  able to work to balance not only skin conditions but emotions as well.

PHYTO5 skincare is used by both consumers and skincare professionals all over the globe. PHYTO5 skincare is offered in the most reputable high end spas the world over. There is a reason for this. The products work.

PHYTO5 skincare made 100% in Switzerland is a well established brand for conscious lifestyle seekers. The brand is uncompromised by the demands of major corporate goals and impersonal financial projections. Made in the infamous town of Fleurier (translated roughly as “village of flowers”), it carries the history of art and culture as the home of Swiss watch precision engraving and gem-setting and is immersed in the pristine Swiss countryside surrounded by the Jura mountains and gorges of water so pure we barely have to purify the water used in our formulations.

PHYTO5 does not have to take advantage of the current wellness trend in the beauty industry. We are at the forefront of it.