Beauty of Emotions Body Treatment

This quantum Phytobiodermie Certified body treatment touches skin, vital energy and emotions. Your client will not only enjoy an exceptional improvement to the skin, he or she will feel profoundly renewed from within resulting in a pervading sense of supreme contentment (even joy) as a result of this unique, unduplicated protocol. This newfound and extremely pleasing state of being will endure far beyond the limited timespan of the session going with your clients into their everyday lives.

Violet Clay Envelopment

Assist your clients to enjoy the luxurious soothing PHYTO5 full body treatment where tired sore muscles are reinvigorated, the lustre and softness of skin is restored, and vital energy is balanced. Your client will also leave with an enriched state of well-being.



Soothing Back Treatment

The back provides principle support for the entire body. It deserves to be nurtured and cared for. This luxurious and very beneficial treatment delivers relief to a tired back and muscles, restores softness to the skin, balances vital energy and invigorates a more elevated state of overall well-being.

Beauty of Emotions Quantum Energetic Massage

Take your clients beyond massage as we know it and treat them to a quantum energetic experience where current uneasy emotions are transformed to a newfound confidence, contentment and joy.



Soothing Hand Treatment

Our hands reflect our entire life–our age, our health and the environment in which we live. Our hands are the part of our body most exposed to the aggressions of the season and should be kept soft and beautiful.

Soothing hand treatment brings relief to irritated skin and restores skin's softness while assisting to balance overall vital energy, encouraging a more elevated sense of well-being.

Soothing Foot Treatment

So often out of sight, the feet are neglected. Encourage your clients' self-care regimen with luxurious and soothing foot treatment.

This treatment restores skin's softness while eliminating rough unhealthy spots on the feet. It helps to balance overall vital energy, and makes way for a heightened sense of well-being.



Beautiful Breast Treatment

An excellent integration for holistic body treatments to eliminate impurities, stimulate the movement of fluids, firm, tone, and increase suppleness of the breast tissue

Zen Body Exfoliation

Stimulates circulation, exfoliates dry, dull, flaky skin. A high concentration of butters and vegetal oils softens the skin and restores a natural glow.





Firming and Toning



Massage with Organic Certified Swiss-Made Essential Oil Blends 

Four unparalleled massage oils provide a complete array of benefits, both physical and mental. Click through the PRODUCTS button below to browse.

Light Therapy

The Chromapuncteur provides light therapy treatments which remarkably enhance esthetic treatments of the face and body.

Massage with Violet Clay

Violet Clay Mask may also be used for massage therapy in place of massage oils by adding a small amount of water. 

Violet Clay is a mineral-rich cleansing and purifying kaolin clay infused with a number of natural essential oils in a formulation designed to nourish and revitalize. It is excellent for balancing vital energy.

Chakra Balancing

Wellness goes beyond just physical health. Energy medicines have understood that the emotional and psychological components of ourselves cannot be neglected and they are clearly associated with each of the human energy centers known as the major chakras.

Chakra balancing helps maintain a proper flow of energy and balance in the vital energy system.

Beauty of Emotions Quantum Energetic Massage

Take your clients beyond massage to a quantum energetic experience where current unpleasant emotions like uncertainty, worry, anxiety, anger and more are elegantly transformed to an organic realization of confidence, contentment, serenity and joy.