PHYTO5 Beauty Treatments with the Energy of Light and Color

A Multidimensional Experience

Energy of Light

The energy of light (light therapy, chromotherapy, chromatherapy) using numerous colors corresponding to different sets of frequency ranges is used by PHYTO5 to balance vital energy.

Some of the face and body spa treatments performed with PHYTO5 proprietary devices are:

  1. All skin conditions and anti-age treatments
  2. Holistic and non-invasive face-lifting (the Chromalift)
  3. Balancing reflex zones and chakras
  4. TCM energetic drainages
  5. Contouring treatments

The light utilized in PHYTO5 equipment is not LED but dichroic filter technology which enables us to use a whole range of colors rather than the relatively few colors which are limited to LED.


Award Winning Equipment


PHYTO5 was awarded a Prize for Innovation at the Beauty Trade Show in Paris, France in April 1998 for its pioneering work with light therapy, and in particular, the Chromalift™ facial, a non-invasive facelift therapy using PHYTO5 equipment offering visible results in as little as one to five sessions.

Notice the Chromalift™ comparison photos to the right.

Three pieces of PHYTO5 award-winning proprietary equipment can each be used separately or in combination with other devices.

  • The Biorhythmic Drainer mechanically reproduces the gentle movement of a hand massage focused on balancing vital energy.
  • The Chromapuncteur for light therapy is used for esthetic treatments of the face and body offering a choice of nine colors plus white light. It produces energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves in harmony with the energies of each of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and of the seven major energetic centers (chakras).
  • The Biostimulateur The Theory of the Five Elements of traditional Chinese medicine teaches that there are five aspects/phases/components of vital energy (Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water). Each acupuncture point belongs to one of these elements. The Biostimulateur is a simple tool to balance vital energy and/or to work on points or reflex zones with pre-calibrated mechanical vibrations. 


Light Causes Us To Be More Vibrant