Why Dichroic Filter Technology is Superior to LED


Electromagnetic Wavelengths...

Think of light equipment not as “color producing machines” but as electromagnetic wavelength machines.

LED technology is limited because it is made to provide only a few wavelengths and a few colors. While it is sufficient for certain functions, it is highly inadequate for working on vital energy which requires a full range of frequencies corresponding to what is present in natural light. LED is a device able to produce the light of a single frequency. Laser lights have a slightly greater capacity to focus which is a plus in many engineering and medical applications but certainly not a plus when it comes to holistic light therapy intended to work at the energetic level as in energy medicine. Because of LEDs' inability to offer a wide enough range of frequencies (and even more so for lasers), its facility to offer an avenue for healing is restricted to its limited frequency emission. Limited frequencies work well for some people, but the absence of the other frequencies which organically exist within each color will deliver no additional positive effect. 



PHYTO5's dichroic filter technology provides the most appropriate and most effective tool for energetic and holistic treatments for face and body.

Each one of us has our own indigenous level of response to each frequency within each color so it makes sense that the full range of frequencies comprising any color be present and available for energetic work.

For each color used in light work, the full range of frequencies constituting that color must be present while certain others should be absent. The LED device is not made for that.

Dichroic filters also have the capacity to distinctly block unwanted frequencies while the typical LED has a tendency to "bleed" into adjacent frequencies which can be a potentially dangerous situation when you are on the edge of infrareds and ultraviolets. As a result, PHYTO5's dichroic filter technology is not only unique, it's far safer, more holistic and your greatest avenue for garnering excellent energetic results.