Products Only (equipment optional)

Organic Certified

Ageless La Cure Facial: $598.30

Energy Balancing Line

Full Professional Opening

• All seasons and all skin conditions according to traditional Chinese medicine—face and scalp: $1,607.80

Limited Options

Seasonal for face and scalp

And for the skin condition of the corresponding element: $579.80

• Add-on per season/per group of skin conditions: $204.00

• Facial Reflexology/Five Clay Mask: $911.30

• Flexible Opening (a few less products than the Full Professional Opening): $1,202.30

Biorhythmic Drainer + Chromapuncteur required (Biostimulateur optional)

Non-Invasive Energetic Lifting

• Chromalift (signature treatment): $802.40


• Beauty of Emotions Facial

Also includes the Full Opening Order for all five elements: $1,537.90

Beauty of Emotions for Face          Quantum Energetic Five Element Lines

Facial Reflexology–5 Clay Balancing Mask       Organic Certified Ageless La Cure

Chromalift Non-Invasive Facelift



Beauty of Emotions for Face Treatment—A Totally Unique Unduplicated Treatment

This quantum Phytobiodermie Certified face treatment touches body, vital energy and emotions. Your client will not only enjoy an exceptional improvement to the skin, he or she will feel profoundly renewed from within resulting in a pervading sense of supreme contentment (even joy) as a result of this unique, unduplicated treatment. This newfound and extremely pleasing state of being will endure far beyond the limited timespan of the session, going with your clients into their everyday lives.

Quantum Energetic Five Element Lines Opening Orders

  • Wood: for oiliness, blackheads, hyperpigmentation

  • Fire: for redness, irritated, sensitive, blotchy or allergic skin, excessive heat and perspiration, couperose

  • Earth: for blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores

  • Metal: for dry skin, surface flakiness, dull and lifeless skin

  • Water: for dehydration, lack of tone, wrinkles

Quantum Energetic Multi-Masking (5-Clay Mask) Opening Order

The PHYTO5 5-Clay Mask facial addresses energetic imbalance with two energetically potent products, the high vibration serum (Phyt’Ether) and the naturally colored clay masks.

These products are selected either according to the skin condition or in the case of maintaining already well-balanced skin, according to the energetic season.


Organic Certified Ageless La Cure Line Opening Order

Our award-winning Ageless La Cure skincare targets the root causes of aging skin defying those symptoms with scientifically verified results. This skincare collection is award-winning and has also been recognized in the pages of Vogue Magazine.

Chromalift Non-Invasive Facelift Opening Order

The Chromalift facial is a proprietary PHYTO5 non-invasive facelift treatment using our own exclusively patented equipment. The treatment offers visible results in as little as one to five sessions. This package includes equipment plus skincare.