The Distinct PHYTO5 Philosophy

Both philosophy and scientific formulation of PHYTO5 skincare are unique across the globe.


PHYTO5 is uniquely founded on a well-conceived and executed approach to holistic, energetic skincare. Our tools of both skincare and technologies are both relevant and proven and they absolutely deliver on our claim to high vibrational, energetic treatments.

We blend the Five Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine together with Ayurvedic principles and premium-grade flower and plant essential oils, extracts, waters and many other natural ingredients to achieve synergies that benefit the client's skin and vitality and which are unique to each line.


Five Skin Conditions—Five Basic Emotions—Five Quantum Energetic Lines

In energy medicine, skin conditions result from an internal energy balance or imbalance. The five elements of traditional Chinese medicine classify all possible skin conditions into five groups.

Your skin condition, body shape, and your predominant emotion can also point to where there is either an energetic block or excess of any of the five elemental energies. The localization of various skin conditions relative to reflex zones also provide signs of energy or energies that are out of balance.

If skin conditions stubbornly repeat after the symptoms have temporarily abated, this points to a systemic energetic imbalance. View these as a telltale sign of the dominating energy affecting your client which will also tend to determine the likely direction of your client's aging process.

In traditional Chinese medicine and in PHYTO5's approach to skincare, we address not only the outward manifestation showing up in the skin but also the energetic cause of a health condition. Skin conditions, especially recurring or chronic ones, can be helpful in understanding the state of wellness of an individual. 

When we understand the underlying energetic cause of skin and body conditions, we can then harmonize the flow of vital energy which is a precondition to wellness and authentic beauty. 


Organic Certified Ageless La Cure Line

While Ageless La Cure by PHYTO5 does not incorporate the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine into this line for slightly more mature skin, the line is organic certified and addresses five factors that bring the skin back to balance and defy the signs of aging for youthful radiant beauty. The line features anti-wrinkle skincare products, an effective skin pigmentation/hyperpigmentation treatment, mature skin moisturizers and cleansers, all of which provide firming, lifting and toning.

Like the five element lines mentioned above, Ageless La Cure skincare is formulated with premium-grade essential oils, extracts, flower waters and a whole host of other breakthrough natural ingredients.