Quantum Skincare: an Introduction

Energetic Skincare, the descriptive name given to PHYTO5’s unique skincare method, stems from four fundamental beliefs:

  1. Beauty is health made visible. (This has been our motto since the late 1970s.)
  2. The body is not simply visible matter but vital energy as well. It is this invisible, subtle, vital energy that causes matter to be vital. 
  3. The body is a complex of fields of energy interconnected to other fields of energy relating to other people, animals, plants, the environment, the planet, and in fact, the entire universe. All is inter-connected.
  4. Proper beauty, wellness, and spa treatments, in general, must include an energetic dimension by providing a means of balancing vital energy.

This remains philosophy unless we have the tools to make it happen.

PHYTO5 pioneered the tools:

  1. PHYTO5 discovered the ways to utilize the energetic properties of certain plants and not just their therapeutic properties as is done in the case of aromatherapy.
  2. Following the formulation rules of the 5-Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), PHYTO5 creators progressively evolved more effective blends of high grade essential oils that have the particular ability to balance vital energy according to its five elements (aspects or phases/seasons). The product potency comes from the vibrational frequency of their blends of essential oils. The higher the frequency, the greater the potency.
  3. A great deal of experimental work at the medical level took place in Europe with light therapy since the early twentieth century. In fact, the 1903 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to a Danish doctor, Niels Ryberg Finsen, for his work with light.

PHYTO5 used this empirical knowledge supporting the theory of harmonies between human energy fields and frequencies of different colors of light. In so doing it was guided by both the Ayurvedic concepts of the chakras aligned with the seven natural components of sunlight and the connection between the five elements of TCM and their associated colors. This led to the creation of PHYTO5’s Chromapuncteur, a light machine adapted to the needs of spas to be used in face, scalp, or body treatments. In 1998, PHYTO5 received the Prize for Innovation at the Paris Beauty Trade Show for its use of light therapy in beauty treatments.

  1. The Chromapuncteur can be used on its own or in tandem with PHYTO5’s other two pieces of equipment: 1) the five-speed Biorhythmic Drainer to work on fluids, and 2) the Biostimulateur to work on acupuncture points. Any of the three pieces of equipment provides more elevated results than when working only with the topical products.

Continuing its track as a pioneer, PHYTO5 has now created a new process that elevates the vibrational frequency of its products so much so that it reaches the quantum level. 

PHYTO5 now introduces another industry first: quantum skincare. Quantum skincare is based on a new quantum treatment of products supported by the unique and proven effective PHYTO5 equipment.

Why quantum? Because quantum is a natural extension of “energetic” skincare made effective by the vibrational frequency of its blends of natural essential oils. Already of a higher frequency than the vibrational frequency of its competitors, PHYTO5 used recently developed scientific knowledge to increase the vibrational potency of its products knowing that the higher the frequency, the greater the potency. This could be achieved only by working at the quantum level.

What is the quantum level? The sub-atomic level–the level where particles are smaller than an atom–is the quantum level. Refer to our blog, “Wei Chi and the Vortices of Energy,” posted May 10, 2017 at www.phyto5.us that points to the fact that at the quantum level there is no matter as such but simply movements of energy. Matter (visible) is actually constituted from energy (invisible).

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