Signature Superior Treatments Only PHYTO5 Trained Therapists Can Offer

I wish I lived closer so I could get facials too. Since I came to Florida I have never experienced a facial like a PHYTO trained professional can give.
— Marianne

Beauty of Emotions

"Beauty is more than skin deep" is more than a trite, overused idiom. The Beauty of Emotions treatment recognizes that authentic beauty emanates from a level deep within the body.

We all notice that when our emotions are out of balance, we neither feel well nor look attractive. We often don't even realize the destructive impact our negative emotions are having on our physical bodies and our outer appearance.

In the Beauty of Emotions treatment, a PHYTO5 trained professional will be able to identify keys to the client's personal balance before the treatment. It is important to show clients we understand that they are each going through their own personal and unique life challenges and this can be very exhausting to the psyche. The Beauty of Emotions treatment is your client's time to receive much more than a respite from daily life.

The Beauty of Emotions treatment is both skincare therapy plus spontaneous emotional discovery session. The premium grade essential oils combined in specific proportions and blends in PHYTO5's Phyt'Ethers (serums) are a primary agent in this leading edge treatment. In the Beauty of Emotions experience, the client is able to acknowledge her present emotional state as the aromatherapeutic experience takes her directly to the ultimate emotional destination: supreme contentment. And in many cases, not just contentment, but sustained happiness many days after the treatment. 


Facial Reflexology

Because all five aspects of vital energy have energetic pathways and reflex zones on the face, the Balancing Facial with all 5-Clay Mask is a signature treatment with immediate tangible results.

PHYTO5 clays are so full of essential oils that the clay remains very pleasant and comfortable during the 10 to 15-minute application. The clays are very easy to both apply and remove.

Beauty industry pundits have been telling us that use of clay masks is on the increase which includes a newfound trend they call multi-masking. Multi-masking with PHYTO5 five colored clays has been a signature treatment of our company since its inception over 40 years ago.

Because of the manner in which we target the facial reflex zones (shown in the picture to the right) combined with the energy balancing properties of the blends of natural essential oils present in our clays, our 5-Clay Balancing Mask is a remarkably potent way to practice an effective facial reflexology treatment.




Anti-Age Facials

PHYTO5's Metal and Water element facials have all the components of effective “anti-age” treatments with strong mineralizing, hydrating and toning benefits.

The Chromalift™ is an award-winning facial, and works best as a series of three or five sessions. It is an energetic, holistic, and effective face-lifting with immediate results, using the most gentle form of light therapy.

Anti-aging, hydrating and toning treatments: our amazing colored clays rich in essential oils, and other algae-based products rich in minerals are well suited for effective anti-age body treatments to improve skin tone and appearance naturally.

Energetic drainage: a unique treatment from PHYTO5 with proprietary equipment to stimulate and balance vital energy using light therapy.


Balancing Violet Clay Envelopment

This signature treatment with violet clay is very moisturizing and vital energy balancing and immediately improves the appearance of the skin. 

Rich in minerals, Violet Clay is also very cleansing, purifying, nourishing and revitalizing. 

It should be applied after cleansing, massaged in or wrapped leaving on for 15 to 20 minutes for its fullest benefits.



Contouring treatments

This detoxifying, contouring and toning treatment series is a specialty of PHYTO5's used with the seasonal quantum energetic lines and PHYTO5 proprietary equipment.

They provide remarkable results holistically and naturally.


Solving Skin Issues

  • Oiliness, blackheads, hyperpigmentation: The skin craves detoxification so it can breath and glow. The Wood element quantum energetic skincare line is laser focused on clarifying and detoxifying the skin so that its natural health and radiance can be restored.
  • Red, irritated, allergic, sensitive skin: Sensitive skin unchecked can develop into couperose and roseacea. With the Fire element quantum energetic skincare line coupled with PHYTO5's Biorhythmic Drainer, this condition can be abated. The appearance of your client's skin will improve as it is calmed and soothed.
  • Acne, blemishes, psoriasis, enlarged pores: The skin craves detoxification especially when excess buildup occurs deep within the pores. The PHYTO5 method, using the Earth element line with or without energetic drainage equipment, reveals radiant skin as a result of balance achieved within and on the surface of the skin.
  • Dry, dull, lifeless, congested skin: Because stagnant lymph is a primary cause of aging skin, PHYTO5's energetic drainage is a facial especially targeted for aging skin that combines the Metal element quantum skincare with stimulation of lymph by the Biorhythmic Drainer. This treatment yields remarkable results as it mineralizes and oxygenates the skin leaving it plump and bright.
  • Dehydrated, aging skin with lines and loss of tone:  Ageless La Cure is PHYTO5's simplest line for sagging, toneless, dry skin with lines. It is organic certified as an added plus.
Pictured here, the Fire element line

Pictured here, the Fire element line



Conditions visible on the face are often present on the scalp. The PHYTO5 treatments will effectively address scalp issues such as oiliness, redness and itchiness, pimples, dryness, and lack of tone.

Along with our energetic line shampoos and conditioners, individual Phyt'Ether serums can be applied directly to the scalp. The choice of Phyt'Ether can be very specific according to the skin and scalp imbalance being manifested.