Vibration • Light • Color

Vibration for energetic drainages and the energy of light (light therapy or chromatherapy) using various colors and frequency ranges are used to balance vital energy.

These three machines produce no pain or unpleasant sensation whatsoever with no invasive frequencies produced or transferred. No electric currents are used on the skin. 


Biorhythmic Drainer

The Biorhythmic Drainer mechanically reproduces the gentle movements of a manual massage.

The Biorhythmic Drainer enhances all face and body beauty treatments. It provides an exceptional complement to all face and body treatments, and in particular, for treatments that target contouring and anti-aging.

The five-speed Biorhythmic Drainer creates five different energetic drainages with pre-calibrated suction rhythms. It can be used on its own or coupled with the Chromapuncteur to add the attributes of the energy of light. 



This sophisticated chromatherapy machine (light) uses dichroic filters to ensure the highest potency for each color delivered. Superior to LED (Light Emitting Diode), dichroic filters provide for the full range of frequencies (nine colors and white light) corresponding to each desired color while ensuring that no ultraviolet and/or infrared frequencies are emitted. 

The Chromapuncteur produces energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves in alignment with the energies of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and of the seven major energetic centers (chakras) in order to balance the client's vital energy. Contrary to the limited frequencies found in LED machines, each color of light includes all the frequencies that constitute the selected color.

The Biorhythmic Drainer can be combined with the Chromapuncteur to perform energetic drainages.

Phytobiodermie was awarded a Prize for Innovation-1998 at the Paris Beauty and Spa Conference and Trade Show for its pioneering work with light therapy and, in particular, the Chromalift signature facial. 



The Theory of the Five Elements of traditional Chinese medicine teaches that there are five aspects/phases/components of vital energy (Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water). Each acupuncture point belongs to one of these elements. The Biostimulateur is a simple tool to balance vital energy and/or to work on points or reflex zones with pre-calibrated mechanical vibrations. No electrical current ever passes through the body. 

An esthetic condition generally demonstrates an imbalance that is also reflected in one or more reflex zones. 

The Biostimulateur also delivers stimulating and dispersing frequencies to tone or disperse.

The Biostimulateur can be coupled with the Chromapuncteur to add the energy of light.

It is very effective in anti-aging facials when using the toning frequency. The dispersing frequency is very beneficial for contouring body spa treatments.