The Swiss Connection

Phytobiodermie crafts authentic Swiss-made, holistic skincare since 1979. Phytobiodermie combines high grade, natural essential oils with plant extracts and other proprietary natural ingredients to develop truly unique energetic products. The key brand PHYTO5® is recognized as world leader in energetic, natural and holistic skincare.



The factory, Laboratoire Gibro, S.A. (pictured in slideshow, left), is ideally situated in Fleurier in the Swiss Jura mountains near Neuchâtel. This location is a gift from nature where water and air are pristine. Phytobiodermie products manufactured at Laboratoire Gibro are made with the highest quality standards and procedures which contribute to the protection of the planet. Phytobiodermie products bear Ecocert and Cosmebio ecological and organic certifications.

These products are offered in spa and professional skincare practices all over the world. They are also retailed worldwide.

Our team of scientists is constantly and passionately creating new and improved skincare products with our newest generation of quantum energetic skincare having been introduced Fall of 2017. This skincare is high vibrational skincare. It works not only on the skin but on vital energy balance as well. This is why PHYTO5 products are so successful. They are based on the energetic truth that “BEAUTY IS HEALTH MADE VISIBLE!”

Our research and development laboratory also creates private label Swiss holistic skincare products in various arenas such as face-, body-, hair-care, spa and bath products.