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PHYTO5 Can Help You Make the 80/20 Rule Work for You

In most markets, one of the biggest challenges we face is increasing our net number of clients, but the 80/20 rule of business is pretty universal: 20% of your customers are (or could be) the source of 80% of your bottom line. That's because there's (almost always) a small number of your clients who have the money and the time to get more treatments and buy more products than all the rest of your clientele.

Be the skincare practice who can offer a true wellness-based menu of exceptionally unique services for face, scalp and body treatments.


Above example is for the Biorhythmic Drainer only. Figures for Chromapuncteur and Biostimulateur will be slightly different. 


First, You Need the Equipment:

  • Offer treatments your clients cannot easily have someplace else and which will also command a premium price, and the result will be a greater profit contribution. 
  • Sell more retail products. After serving a client, you know their needs in skincare better than anyone. This puts you in a very credible position to recommend the excellent products you’ve used and which you can relatively easily resell at a 100% markup.
  • Let us help you select the one, two, or three pieces of proprietary, award-winning PHYTO5 equipment that will truly propel and expand your practice.
  • We will show you the premium to ask for and the ROI to expect.
  • Ask us for flexible and lease terms on equipment sales.
  • Call us toll-fee at 1-888-715-8008 to consult with us (no obligation!) or go here to have us call you back.
Away .jpeg

PHYTO5 retail skincare products at the Away Spa, W Hotel, Verbier, Switzerland.

Second, You Need Products on the Shelves.

  • Take advantage of our drop shipment program so you don’t have to tie up your funds or retail space with a large inventory of product. A good product display is far more effective than a sparse one!
  • Call us toll-free at 1-888-715-8008 or go here to ask for the simple details.